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Scouting is back!

Good News Everyone! Scouting is back to Amber in most parts of the UK! (local restrictions may still apply) Which means we can slowly start to plan events for within…

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CQWS HF Contest

With Scouting in the England to return back to Amber within the next few weeks on the 29th of March 2021 (As of 16/03/2021) It will allow Groups and Radio…

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Bantenna Sleeve Antenna Review

Now that the weather is getting a bit better here in the UK. I picked a nice day when I was at the Scout Hut preparing for us going back…

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XLXSCO (Experimental) DStar Reflector

We have set up an Experimental DStar reflector. It should be available on all hotspots just redownload your host list and look for XLXSCO or XRFSCO. The reflector itself is…

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DX Code of Conduct

Have you heard of the DX Code of Conduct before? No? Well carry on reading then! The DX Code of Conduct is a set of voluntary rules to stop people…

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TDOTA – Thinking Day On The Air

TDOTA this year is on February 20th/21st. The 22nd February is Thinking Day because it was the birthday of Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scout and Guide movements,…

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